Making Google Slides presentations for a low price
100 points? Guaranteed. Cheap? Of course

My friends have gotten tons of 100% marks with my help.

Artiom Lisan

My name is Artiom Lisan. I enjoy making presentations and doing them well is a must do for me. I've made hundreds of presentations for school, camps, etc. I can easily make a beautiful, but simple, presentation for you. And for a very cheap amount. I can offer you a little lesson on how to make awesome presentations. See you!

Why even bother contacting a designer?
a break
While the designer does the work, you can play your favorite video game
You could have a nice talk while he/she makes you a presentation
Good-looking templates
When you get the finished presentation, why not use it a few more times as a template?
With that said, why me?
Professionally trained
I was trained by knowledgable teachers. Now you can be trained by me for less
Deadline always met
I never go past the deadline, I can make it fast and well
Low prices
The highest I go is 10 USD, so you can always find that lying around in your piggy bank

Examples of my work

My services
What can I offer?
Cost: 5$
I will be looking at how you make your presentation and giving you tips about what to do
Cost: 7$
Write me a Word or Google document with what you want to be in the presentation and I will design your presentation myself
Cost: 10$
Design + Coaching
Write me a Word or Google document with what you want to be in the presentation and I will be coaching you while I design your presentation
Write a review!
Write an email to me with your Google Slides ideas and I will be sure to have your back
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